Leanne Scorcia

Digital Artist & Illustrator. Web & Digital Content Designer.

Extroverted Introvert. INFJ. Fictional Character Fanatic.
I have many a persona, all of which combine to make me who I am.
My name is Leanne Scorcia. I also go by Shiks’ per those closest to me. I love all things design-related, and coding in HTML/CSS gets my blood flowin’. I’m a bit of a cynic, if you will, hence the recognition of my place as a speck of dust in the universe. Allow me to introduce you to my newest endeavor, Spacedust.



If you’d like to see more of my work (or work of a different type, rather), be sure to check out my Web & Design portfolio or my Art & Design portfolio. (Art & Design piqued your interest? Let me direct your attention to my pride and joy, my ongoing legacy—my WIP game concept, Musings Of.)

An artist with technical dexterity…

I’m a skilled Content Manager and Web/Digital Designer with a background in CS and IT/technical support. I thrive in creative, collaborative environments, as I value the ideas and company of others. However, I also enjoy working alone where I can express my unique creativity freely. My vast knowledge of and experience in IT backed by my BS in Computer Science gives me the ability to think critically, logically, and professionally, allowing me to come up with efficiency-driven solutions.

…with a passion for learning.

As someone who is interested in the field of art & design, my planned future endeavors include pursuing web/digital design, UX/UI, and graphic design. I also aspire to produce concept art & character designs for video games on the side, in addition to growing my work in progress game concept for ‘Musings Of’. All in all, I plan to never stop learning or creating.