Thoughts & projects from a fellow galaxy inhabitant.

“There are no passengers on the Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”
— Marshall McLuhan

We’re all put on this Earth for a purpose.” Well, that’s what they say, anyway. As an individual with many a passion and interest, I’m making my own way the best I can alongside my peers as we spin ceaselessly on this celestial body we call our own. Join me for a spell in this cosmic dance, and we’ll ponder content while reflecting upon our own individual evolution as corporeal space dust.

From the Depths…


On Kings and Gods (and Content and Context)

Are you religious, traveler? Perhaps superstitious? Do you believe in The Monarchy? Like all things I bring to light, I’m not actually referring to The One True God or Gods™,


The Audience is a Lie

Hello, traveler. Yes, I am indeed talking to you. Is it often that you ask yourself if I’m addressing you, specifically? Writing is a difficult task, especially when you need


Anime Blog Battle: Web Readability

There are an astronomical amount of blogs scattered across the web, traveler — mine being one of them. But… what makes a blog “good”? What makes a blog worth reading?


Introducing Myself

Hello, traveler. In our endless journey through the void, I have presented to you my thoughts on varying topics: The notion that our minds are changing; our attention deteriorating. Nostalgia


Each star serves a purpose

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