Thoughts & projects from a fellow galaxy inhabitant.

“There are no passengers on the Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”
— Marshall McLuhan

We’re all put on this Earth for a purpose.” Well, that’s what they say, anyway. As an individual with many a passion and interest, I’m making my own way the best I can alongside my peers as we spin ceaselessly on this celestial body we call our own. Join me for a spell in this cosmic dance, and we’ll ponder content while reflecting upon our own individual evolution as corporeal space dust.

From the Depths…


Posting to Social: A Study

Hello, traveler. In past posts, you’ve heard me ramble occasionally about fictional characters and their importance to me. Well, for both our benefits, I’ve done some deep-diving into my own


Chit-Chat Corner: As in Life, So in Fiction (A Pecha Kucha)

Hello, traveler. Have you ever heard of a pecha kucha? Or, perhaps, a peCHAkuCHA? However you pronounce it, a pecha kucha is a 20×20 (20 slides, 20sec. each) presentation designed


On Kings and Gods (and Content and Context)

Are you religious, traveler? Perhaps superstitious? Do you believe in The Monarchy? Like all things I bring to light, I’m not actually referring to The One True God or Gods™,


The Audience is a Lie

Hello, traveler. Yes, I am indeed talking to you. Is it often that you ask yourself if I’m addressing you, specifically? Writing is a difficult task, especially when you need


Each star serves a purpose

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