Hello, traveler. Have you ever heard of a pecha kucha? Or, perhaps, a peCHAkuCHA? However you pronounce it, a pecha kucha is a 20×20 (20 slides, 20sec. each) presentation designed to tell a tight, concise story. For my upcoming Medium article, “As in Life, So in Fiction”, I put together a supplementary pecha kucha.

It’s a slimmed down, streamlined version that tells the same story: how fiction and reality are one and the same.

Well, at least for me it is.

I go through how our favorite characters have more of an impact on us than we realize, and how we engage with fiction in similar fashions to reality. We romanticize over and resonate with characters. Get tattoos of symbolic concepts. Cry over the death of those who, technically, do not exist. Tattoos excluded, I’ve done all these things. Allow me to indulge you in how. Download and play through my pecha kucha, and reflect on how fiction has impacted your life. Thank all those characters who have inspired or helped you in your journey while you’re at it.


As in Life,
So In Fiction:
PEcha Kucha

In this pecha kucha, I discuss how life and fiction reflect one another — and how the line between them has become indistinguishable.